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Rock Chip Repair - Glass Replacement - Window / Regulator Repair and Replacement - Custom Cut Glass


Rock chips may appear to be a minimal mishap to most, but that won't stop them from cracking!

If you notice a chip in your glass, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to our location and have one of our professional glass technicians repair the damage before the chip becomes a crack which leads to replacing the entire glass!


With our wide variety of inventory and a team of professionals, we at Allen Auto Glass are prepared to tackle any job, including mirrors! 

Car / Truck / Suv / RV / Semi Truck

Give us a call and provide the year/make/model of your vehicle along with the location of the damaged glass and leave the rest to us!

*Your vehicle may need a recalibration!

See below for more info.


It's often your vehicle's window(s) will stop cooperating, don't worry!

With a quick diagnostics test, our experts will determine what seems to be causing the issue and have you back on the road in no time!


In need of glass for a project?

Unsure of what to do or whom to call?

Look no further!

We cut custom glass for almost any application.

Off-Road Vehicles, Side by Sides, Hot Rods, Classics, you name it! 

If you own a vehicle
2011 OR NEWER, with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Safety Features, your vehicle will need to be re-calibrated after your windshield has been replaced. The cameras attached to your windshield, located behind your rearview mirror, will be disconnected during the removal of the windshield. This will require the ADAS Safety System to be re-calibrated in order for your vehicle’s safety features to operate correctly.

Unsure of your vehicle having ADAS features? Give us a call with the year/make/model of your vehicle and our technicians can determine whether or not your vehicle has ADAS capabilities! 

Allen Auto Glass Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Diagram
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